Our Trees

Our Trees
Venerable bur oak in a farm field

Tom Kimmerer, PhD, is a forest scientist, author and photographer.  He works with landowners to ensure a future for the woodland pastures of Kentucky and Tennessee He is the author of Venerable Trees - History, Biology and Conservation, and is working on a second book, A Time For Trees.  To learn more, please visit the About section. To contact Dr. Kimmerer, please use the Contact page. Find me at Mastodon

As we begin emerging from the pandemic, we plan to begin our popular Field Courses and resume providing in-person classes. Online classes are still available for those organizations that want to minimize travel expenses. If your organization would like to invite Dr. Kimmerer to give a presentation, Field Course, or workshop for your organization, please contact us.  We will post new events on the Courses and Events Page.

Trees are the dominant life form on earth, and are the largest, tallest, and longest-lived organisms. They store immense amounts of carbon, and are part of the solution to the climate crisis. Our understanding of the biology of trees is expanding rapidly. Visit our Stories for short stories or Tree Biology for longer essays.

The Bluegrass and Nashville Basin are home to an exceptional population of ancient trees in a rare ecosystem known as the woodland pasture, which was created by bison long before European settlement. To learn more about trees and forests in the Bluegrass and Nashville Basin and the Venerable Trees book, please visit the Venerable Trees section.